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Storage and efficient handling

When you need extra storage capacity, warehouse, handling with further distribution from day-to-day or long-term rental, K. Hansen Transport solves the assignment in a safe and efficient way.

The options are many: 

  • Storage (short- or long-term rental)
  • Storage for picking from day-to-day
  • Handling
  • Stock management
  • Order execution
  • Marking
  • Forwarding

We take your special requests, needs and requirements seriously.

There is always a solution. We take on this assignment

There is plenty of room in the warehouse of K. Hansen Transport in Vejen. You find:

  • 50.000 m2 warehouse safe under roof
  • Possibility of heated storage
  • Possibility of insulated storage
  • Certified for storage of food products, ecelogy and foodstuffs
  • Unlimited width/length/weight
  • Outdoor fenced area with video surveillance (CCTV)
  • Safety is taken seriously in all processes


Container unloading and palletization

K. Hansen Transport offers unloading of containers, palletization (mark-up if required) with option of storage, picking and handling. Alternatively, forward distribution to companies or end-users.

All employees have much routine in handling of all types of cargo, not least cargo sensitive to heat, pressure and impacts.

You will have one regular contact person at K. Hansen Transport. This ensures you a quick and personal service.


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