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On-line booking

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At K. Hansen Transport we have for many years worked intensively to simplify our various booking systems in order to make things easier for our customers as well as to simplify our internal work processes. We have come far in this process and therefore we offer integrated EDI solutions as well as a system independent on-line booking. 

The electronic booking systems mean that the large work with manual filling in of freight letters for the daily consignments now belongs to the past. Now you can register the necessary information via our booking systems on the basis of which we automatically dispose the cargo and printout freight letters.

Primarily we work with two types of booking systems

1. EDI solution: An integrated EDI solution is established allowing freight data to be transferred electronically.

2. On-line booking: Your register freight data via an on-line coupling, after which your booking is sent to us.

More about EDI solutions

An EDI solution means electronic data exchange in a professional format. EDI gives you as a customer the option of transferring data directly from your order system to our booking system. In this way we will have all the necessary data needed to provide correct delivery and invoicing of the transport service. The purpose of EDI is to simplify yours and our work flow and we constantly aim at improving and developing the system to be able to offer the best possible IT solutions.


More about on-line booking

On-line booking is a very simple booking system for which you are granted a username and login. You can then enter your freight data and transfer these electronically to us. We apply your freight data for route planning and print freight letters in-house. You can print address labels and packing lists and create an address record containing your receivers/customers. On-line booking is done via the internet, and is therefore independent of your installation of programs and setups.

Advantages with EDI and on-line booking

EDI or on-line booking ensures that the data stored in our system and our customer’s systems is identical. This saves time and reduces the workload in all steps – for our customers and for us – and ensures a simple follow-up and tracing of goods.

On-line booking contributes to ensuring a close collaboration, which makes K. Hansen Transport an integrated part of the company’s total logistics solution.

Contact us for assistance and questions about EDI solutions or the booking system.


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