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Vision and mission

The strategy plan of K. Hansen Transport AS for the period 2020-2025: KHansen2025


We want to make a difference for you and your customers within the area of distribution and logistics.


We make a difference!

We carry out distribution and logistics on the Danish market, where our product range comprises day-to-day distribution, crane distribution, courier transports as well as ware house and handling.

We ensure that customers’ consignments are taken care of from sender to receiver. On the way we add value through delivery on time, traceability and personal contact with sender as well as receiver.

We understand to handle distribution and logistics requirements for all sorts of companies valuing quality, professionalism, vicinity and reliability.


Our values base on our ambition to make a difference (in Danish FORSKEL):

F  Professional Pride                                  

O Care

R Respect

S Social responsibility

K Quality

E Commitment

L Respect for the law


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