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Safe and efficient distribution

When you need day-to-day or door-to-door distribution, K. Hansen Transport is within reach. We are here to provide safe and efficient distribution, where you need it.

This may be:

  • Mixed cargo
  • Pallet cargo
  • Single lot/single parcel
  • Large quantities
  • Delivery in series
  • Cargo with extra length/width/weight

K. Hansen Transport provides what it takes. Experienced drivers familiar with their assignments and the safe way. Trucks with lifts, cranes, forklift trucks and what it takes to ensure efficient transport.

Irrespective of where in Denmark mixed cargo or pallet cargo is to be picked up or delivered, you will benefit from an efficient distribution system.

You have the option of late pick-up and delivery at fixed times 24 hours a day – all week.

Fixed times for pick-up and delivery may or may not be important to you. We comply with the agreement we make with you. Agreements can be flexible and adapted to your requests.

Our drivers are familiar with the Danish roads. They know their job. Irrespective of where and when goods are to be picked up or delivered, K Hansen Transport takes care of your interests and provides the best possibilities, the best solution and the safe way in a given situation. 


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